The DrumDevil™ is a rotary compost machine designed for the disposal of mortalities from commercial confined animal feedout operations (CAFO).

The DrumDevil™ system is the product of years of effort applying the principles of the developing science of composting combined with extensive field trials and testing. The DrumDevil™ rotary composting machine provides the most economical and environmentally friendly solution to the problems presented by animal mortalities in farming today. The DrumDevil™ system eliminates risks associated with infection of animal populations and contamination of the environment.

The DrumDevil™ design makes it easy to clean and easy to use. Every feature of the machine is planned to enhance safety and minimize labor to operate the DrumDevil™. Its heavy-duty construction ensures the DrumDevil™ gives the grower years of trouble-free service.

There are two models of the DrumDevil™, the standard Model CC3000 and the aeration Model CC3000A.

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