The DrumDevil™ Composting Process

Composting is a natural biological process that utilizes microorganisms to decompose the remains of dead plants and animals. Composting will occur naturally if the microbes are provided with a favorable environment that is conductive to their growth and reproduction.

With a favorable environment, the composting process is carried out with little to no odor or fly problems. The process results in composting temperatures of 140-170 degrees F, which kills diseases and pathogens that are commonly found in the remains of dead animals from livestock production operations.

A favorable environment for composting must include the following conditions:
  • Energy source containing carbon
  • Nutrient source containing nitrogen
  • Bulk density of 800-900 pounds per cubic yard
  • Carbon to nitrogen ratio (C:N) of 30:1
  • Moisture content of 40-60 percent
  • Oxygen content of 5-15 percent
The DrumDevil™ Composting Machine is designed to provide a favorable composting environment. It accelerates the composting process and minimizes the grower's management time. The DrumDevil™ makes the composting process quick, easy and, above all, economical.

For more information about the DrumDevil™ system and its composting process, please contact us.

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